1. If you are no longer capable of working or have been unable to work for a period lasting (or which you expect to last) longer then one year;

  2. If you have (a) worked a minimum of 5 years during the 10 years proceeding your disability and (b) paid into the Social Security System during that period; and

  3. If you became unable to work before the age of 65.



Social Security Disability Benefits provide monthly payments throughout your disability and, can be permanent. Your spouse and children may also be eligible for auxiliary benefits. Maximum benefits are approximately $2,500.00 per month to you and an additional $1,250.00 total for auxiliary beneficiaries, totaling $45,000.00 annually. In addition, after 24 months, you will become eligible for Medicare benefits at a nominal rate.


Our Services Include:

  • Ongoing in-office or telephone consultations;

  • Review of medical records and physician narratives;

  • Any necessary letters to, or discussions with, doctors;

  • Recommending physicians and/or medical or psychological specialists;

  • Assistance and advice with the completion of complex and often deceptive forms and questionnaires;

  • Informing the Social Security Administration that you are represented by counsel, curtailing further or annoying inquiries directly from Social Security employees;

  • Preparation before and representation at any interviews with adjudication officers and/or hearings before a federal Administrative Law Judge;

  • Research of the law in regard to specific legal issues connected to your claim;

  • Assistance in the procurement of auxiliary benefits for eligible family members;

  • Attorney appearances at all hearings, cross examination of any adverse witnesses or experts called to testify at your hearing;

  • Mailing costs, local travel expenses and copying costs are included in a nominal expense fee;

  • The preparation and filing of any necessary administrative appeals; and

  • Federal District Court appeals in deserving cases on a contingency fee basis with expenses, filing and service fees paid by the claimant.


Our Services Do Not Include:

  • Medical expenses, doctor letters, expert witnesses, transcript fees and or other necessary disbursements are the responsibility of the client; and

  • Legal representation outside New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania or Connecticut.


Our Fees:

  • There is no charge for telephone or in-person consultations. During your consultations we will provide you with our  legal opinion with respect to your claim. If you request our assistance and we agree to represent you, then:

  • We are paid only if we are successful in obtaining you Social Security Disability Benefits.

  • We are paid only a portion of back money awarded to you. We limit our fee to the lesser of $6,000.00 or 25% of retroactive benefits awarded in cases which do not require appeals to the Appeals Council.