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Accident Disability Retirement from the New York City Police Department -"Three-Quarters"

Administrative Code 13-252 states that when "...such member is physically or mentally incapacitated from city-service as a natural and proximate result of an accidental injury received in such city-service, while a member, and that such disability was not the result of willful negligence on the part of such member..." that member is entitled to a tax-free lifetime pension benefit equal to 75% of the members final average salary.

Nick Cifuni represents members of the Captains Endowment Association, Lieutenants Benevolent Association, Sergeants Benevolent Association and Detectives' Endowment Association at all stages of the disability application process.  Our services include initial consultations at the time of the injury, preparation of members' applications for disability retirement, preparation before examination by the Medical Board, and representation at the New York City Police Pension Fund's monthly meeting of the Board of Trustees. 

While the unions do not cover the costs of litigation, we are also available to represent our union members challenging pension denials in Court.  For more information about pension litigation, click here.

For more updates regarding three-quarters applications, see our blog here.


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