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VCF Update Regarding the Impact of COVID-19

The VCF has advised us to expect minimal interruptions in the processing of VCF claims. The only current change is to appeal hearings, which will, for the most part, continue as planned, but be conducted by telephone. We are expecting a more significant impact to the World Trade Center Health Program, which has been postponing appointments due to the outbreak. While this may delay some cases (where clients are waiting for their conditions to be certified for treatment), there should not be any meaningful change in the eventual outcome of those cases.

We will primarily be working from home for now, and our ability to monitor the telephones, fax and mail into the office will be interrupted. Email is the most reliable method to contact us. Please do not hesitate reaching out to me ( or my paralegal, Toni-Ann ( If you need to send us documents (especially if they are time sensitive), please email them to us. Taking a picture of the document with your cellphone and emailing it to us is perfectly fine, so long as the document is legible with clear margins.

We would like to remind our clients suffering from WTC-related conditions that they may be in a higher risk category due to their chronic respiratory illnesses and compromised immune systems. Please take this pandemic seriously, and take appropriate steps to protect yourselves and your families.

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