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SSD Hearings - Obtaining the Medical Evidence

Once your hearing is scheduled, we will prepare you for th hearing and explain what type of evidence we will need to support your claim. Once your prep is scheduled, you should make appointments with your doctor(s) and try to see them as soon as possible after that prep. The doctor’s letters usually have the greatest weight when they are written close to the hearing date. However, doctors often require at least a week to prepare letters, and will appreciate as much advance notice as possible.

It is important that you understand the letters and forms you have received from your attorney. When you see your doctor, you should explain the standards that need to be established so that your doctor understands what he or she needs to provide so as to best support your case.

As you know, medical insurance will not pay for the time it takes for your doctors to prepare reports and complete forms. Accordingly, you should make sure your doctor understands that you expect to pay for his or her time.

If your doctor is unwilling or unable to assist you with a letter or completion of forms, please get a complete copy of your medical chart (including treatment notes, objective testing, prescriptions, and any procedures performed). Under New York Public Health Law § 18, doctors are required to provide you with a copy of your own records when you make a written request and pay copying costs (currently capped at $0.75 per page).

You can provide medical records to our office by:

· Fax: (212) 766-6200

· Email:

· Mail/Hand: 291 Broadway, Suite 1400, New York, NY 10007

Make sure to forward the doctor’s reports to our law firm as soon as possible, so that so that we can review and submit them to the Judge for consideration. If there are any issues or problems it is essential that you contact our office as quickly as possible so that these issues or problems can be addressed before the hearing.

If you have any questions, please call our office at (212) 766-5800.

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