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Social Security Beneficiaries: Continuing Disability Reviews

The Social Security Administration may, from time to time, conduct a review of your eligibility for disability benefits. A review may result in the revocation of benefits if you do not properly document your disability. If you are the subject of a continuing disability review, please contact our office immediately, before completing and returning any forms.

We recommend that you remain under the steady and continuous care of a physician, including maintaining regular visits, filling your prescriptions, and making sure that your doctors will confirm your disability status if contacted by the Social Security Administration. You should continue to treat appropriately, including going for any recommended tests, consulting with specialists as referred, going to the emergency room if warranted, and tending to any new or developing medical condition.

Continuing Disability Reviews are generally performed on a routine basis, but can be triggered by work activity, or by referrals made to the SSA Office of the Inspector General.

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