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September 18, 2016 - September 11th Victim Compensation Fund Clarifies Registration Deadlines

The Special Master of the VCF has clarified the registration deadlines applicable to claimants filing for compensation for WTC-related ailments.  The VCF considers claimants to be timely registered if their registration is submitted within two years of the date on which the claimant knew or reasonably should have known: (1) that the victim suffered a physical harm as a result of the terrorist-related aircraft crashes of September 11, 2001, or debris removal in the immediate aftermath, and (2) that the claimant was eligible to file a claim with the VCF.

This means that the two-year registration window begins when the WTC Health Program notifies a patient that their condition is certified for treatment, or when another government agency advises a patient that their condition is WTC-related. 

Further, the VCF has advised us that so long as a claimant completes a timely registration for one condition, all other conditions that would not otherwise have been timely will be treated as timely.  Essentially, even if you did not register in time for existing conditions, your registration will be considered timely if it occurs within two years of being notified of a new certification. 

The registration deadlines for death cases have also been clarified, extending the deadline in some cases to two years after the date of death.  

More information is available on the VCF website at

If you would like representation regarding your VCF claim, or have questions about whether you are eligible for compensation, please contact us at (212) 766-5800.

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