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Our Message to the CEA, LBA, SBA and DEA Membership Regarding COVID-19

Updated: Mar 14, 2020

We would like to take this opportunity to inform the membership about the implications of the current pandemic.

Members are cautioned to observe best practices and keep themselves and their co-workers safe.

COVID-19 is not enumerated under GML 207p, the Infectious Disease Bill, and potentially disabling residuals from this disease are likely not covered under the Infectious Disease Bill. That means disabling illnesses or conditions that a member sustains as a result of exposure/contraction of the COVID-19 Coronavirus would potentially not be eligible for accidental disability retirement benefits (3/4) under current law.

Therefore, we strongly encourage members to file Line of Duty paperwork and get an Exposure Number if they come into close contact with an individual exhibiting signs of a serious respiratory illness while on duty.

We would also like to remind members that suffer from World Trade Center-related illnesses that they are at higher risk of suffering more severe effects of this disease.

Please keep yourselves and your co-workers safe by taking proper precautions when dealing with the public and if you develop symptoms.

See our message shared on the DEA Website and SBA Twitter feed.

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