July 15, 2016 - VCF Payments and Updated VCF Statistics

The VCF has announced that nearly all Group A claims have been paid in full, including 9,111 personal injury claims, and 18 claims for deceased individuals.  The highest award remains over $4 million, with the average award remaining just over $200,000.

The VCF has issued 278 Loss Calculation letters for Group B claims with a total value of over $38 million.  Of the decisions issued, the highest amount is nearly $1.5 million, with an average value over $150,000.  Group B includes all claims that did not have Loss Calculation letters issued before December 18, 2015.

The Special Master has advised us that she anticipates publishing new forms in mid-August, and will begin accepting new claims at that time.  

The registration period remains open for anyone diagnosed with new WTC-related conditions within the past two years.  The Fund will remain open until December 18, 2020, and anyone diagnosed with a new WTC-related condition will likewise be eligible, so long as they register within two years of their new diagnosis.

If you would like representation regarding your VCF claim, please contact us at (212) 766-5800.

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