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Disability Counsel to the Detectives Endowment Association

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

We are proud to announce that we have been retained to represent the Greatest Detectives in the World in connection with their applications for Accident Disability Retirement ("Three-Quarters"). Going forward, active or retired detectives interested in filing for Three-Quarters should reach out to our office prior to filing for retirement (or reclassification of their pension). Members should also contact us prior to appearing before the Medical Board so that we can prepare you.

See the DEA's official announcement on their website.

Thank you President Paul DiGiacomo and the rest of the DEA Board for your confidence in our firm.

As Counsel to the DEA we will provide members representation throughout the process. Our services include:

  • making assessments and recommendations regarding injury reports and medical evidence as they may apply to potential disability pension applications;

  • meeting with members before the submission of disability applications where legal analysis, recommendations and review is most critical and as applicable

  • preparing letters to doctors identifying the issues and securing supportive medical opinion;

  • reviewing medical evidence, and making recommendations regarding specialists;

  • preparing disability retirement applications

  • preparing members prior to their Medical Board evaluations;

  • helping to verify members' WTC exposure;

  • representing members at the monthly meeting of the Police Pension Fund's Board of Trustees.

We will inform and educate the membership on disability issues, i.e. incident/accident; span of time; presumptive bills, and will provide articles for the DEA Newsletter or Website and be available at union or other requested meetings.

Active and retired Detectives are welcome to call our office regard any disability issues as they relate to LOD accidents, Accident and Ordinary Disability Retirement, and reclassification under the WTC Disability Law. We can also represent you in Social Security Disability and 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund claims.   Our office is located at 291 Broadway, around the corner from DEA Office.  Please call us at 212 766-5800 and be sure to let us know you are a DEA member.

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