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291 Broadway, Suite 1400

New York, New York 10007


Tel:  (212) 766-5800

Fax: (212) 766-6200

​We are located on Broadway between Duane and Reade Streets.  

  • CEA and LBA Members: We are located just 15 minutes from the SOC office.

  • SBA Members: We are located just 4 blocks Southeast of the SBA office.

  • DEA Members:  We are located around the corner from the DEA office.

  • NYPD Members: We are located just two blocks from 1 Police Plaza.

  • FDNY Members: We are around the corner from Ladder 1, Engine 7, located on Duane Street between Broadway and Church.

  • DOS Members: We are 3 blocks from the NYC Department of Sanitation offices located at 125 Worth Street.

  • DOC Members: We are six blocks from the Manhattan Detention Complex and Courts.

  • All Civil Servants: We are located 2 blocks North of City Hall Park.

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